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Movers and packers in Dubai Don't wait any longer, end your move early to get on with your life. Avoid the frustrations of hiring an expensive moving company and book an appointment with Alhelal Movers and packers as we save your time and money like no other service in UAE. Meet our friendly professionals who will solve your problems, call our number now and take the right step to start moving as quickly as possible.

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With the energy and expectation of home purchasing, arranging, picking moving organizations and moving itself, it's anything but difficult to overlook individual security. To ensure you and your stuff get to your goal in one piece, recollect these five safe pressing tips.

First of all, you will talk to our customer service representative to get full information on the solutions for your move. Our representative will guide you in making an appointment with you.Once your finances are settled, we'll provide you with an estimate of your costs with fully insured services ready to be delivered to your doorstep.The timing and quality of packing and loading can have a significant impact on the quality of your relocation. Our door-to-door transport agents will securely pack and load your belongings to ensure the packaging is not damaged.

"The loading process becomes smooth with our fleet of trucks, and vans due to the efficient and fast loading process.The whole team will check everything and cover it tightly before departure.Experienced drivers are always steady to transport your luggage safely to and from your dream destination in UAE."


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Alhelal Movers and packers, Unite Arab Emirates (UAE) offers inter-city relocation services in all major cities and approximately all the small cities of UAE. Management of the Alhelal Movers and packers is committed to extend professional and dedicated relocation services to its valuable clients with the best moving services, and packing services including the best customer service, the best professional movers, and the best moving prices in UAE. We prioritize the needs of the client and provide an individual approach and quality services for each client. In addition, we focus on hiring highly skilled moving professionals courteous to serve our valued customers. These are just a few of the main reasons why majority of our valued customers return to Alhelal Movers and packers. It's time to get the BEST Alhelal moving deals 7 days a week for a personalized free deal. Our dedicated team will assist you in deciding what kind of packaging is the best suited to your requirements.
Alhelal is here to help overseas clients also
If you are an international customer and would like to come and see services of Alhelal are the Movers and packers in Dubai, send us an email with your flight details and a dedicated assistant will meet you at the airport. Our company's understanding and experience has allowed us to structure our solutions to reduce operating costs, increase customer satisfaction and add value to bottom line.
Why clients prefer Alhelal Movers and packers?
Moving a household means moving from one place to another with all the households and possessions. It is a very complex and difficult process with a lot of uninteresting and problematic tasks such as packing, loading, moving, unloading, unpacking and rearranging the goods. Therefore, moving your household items can be one of the most stressful times in your life as you have to deal with a lot of uninteresting and boring tasks. But the complex household shifting process can be greatly simplified and streamlined by hiring a full household change service from Alhelal, Abu Dhabi movers. Alhelal Movers in Dubai employs experienced and professionally trained staff, which greatly simplifies the moving process. ALHELAL MOVERS AND PACKERS
Professionals pack all the items with the utmost care, using quality packing materials and sturdy boxes / cartons to prevent damage. A suitable packaging is essential for packing and safely transporting items when changing home. The goods are well packed and delivered to their new destination on time without any damage. Losses are also covered by the comprehensive insurance policy, if the goods are damaged or unfortunately lost during the moving process. The customers can also request transportation services and car transport services.
Therefore, hire a full range of moving services from Alhelal movers and packers Dubai and make your moving experience easy and relaxing. Our process has proven to be a great success, making it easy and safe to package small items into large ones. We take great care of our customers' valuables. Our loading and unloading team is well trained to handle loading and unloading without any problem. Do not hesitate to contact us via the free quote form; we provide free movers rates. We are available in chat mode (email / phone call / Skype / Google / WhatsApp / Viber / video conference), after which we can send you more information about packages with special offers.
Optimized home moving procedure with Alhelal Movers and packers Alhelal Movers and packers will be of great help if you are looking for qualified moving experts in Abu Dhabi and other cities. The following process describes step-by-step instructions for the relocation, which we provide with confidence.  First of all, you will talk to our customer service representative to get full information on the solutions for your move. Our representative will guide you in making an appointment with you.

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House Movers

Why do you need a reliable moving service?
A big city like Abu Dhabi is a great place to move into a new home; but relocation is undoubtedly a serious matter. Everyone wants a reliable and affordable alternative that simplifies loading and unloading; whether you are moving to Dubai or relocating to a big city like Sharjah, our professional and reliable relocation team can come to your aid by calling Alhelal Movers and packers. Most of the relocation services in UAE are quite expensive, relocation to major cities and most home owners go through stressful times during the move due to lack of proper equipment and moving experience.Moving an entire house or residence from another city to a big city like Sharjah is no longer a problem as Alhelal Movers and packers are here to lend a hand.

Office Movers

Do you want to have the full satisfaction of moving your office within any city of UAE like Ruwais, Kalba, Jebel Ali, Hatta or Gayati? Can this goal be easily achieved if you find a professional support company that can safely move all office furniture, gadgets, files and other machines and move them to the new office in the most professional manner? In difficult times for business development and growth, it is important to relocate to a suitable area of UAE, but a smooth and hassle-free move is a challenge that office owners face in a large city.There are a lot of things to consider before opening a new office in UAE or opening a new branch and moving important things to a new location.An office is not a garage, an office move is the most difficult.

Furniture rack

Furniture is a vital part of any home or office and is considered essential in providing adequate seating and comfort for employees and family members. If you have expensive and heavy furniture in your home or office that you want to move elsewhere in Abu Dhabi or outside of it, we recommend you to not panic. The right and efficient furniture packers and loaders are available at your doorstep 24/7 to provide you with the professional assistance which you desperately need to move your furniture without loss or damage.Our name is Alhelal Movers and packers and we will transport your furniture to and from areas of Dubai with trained staff to all major cities in UAE. Consider our services, if you have bought or rented a new apartment, house or office in Dubai.

Apartments Movers

Are you looking to relocate from your apartment, flat or permanent residence in Abu Dhabi or Sharjah? Don't know how to deal with the most stressful situations during transport? Moving an apartment or moving your belongings to a new apartment in UAE requires advance planning to ensure a smooth move. So many people end up damaging their precious gadgets even after paying very high prices to movers to move their luggage. Therefore Alhelal Movers and packers is coming to their rescue to provide efficient, courteous, fast and affordable services to ensure the safety of their property.Owned and managed by the most experienced and skilled people in your city, Alhelal Movers and packers has all of your moving needs, including apartment relocation.

Home Shifting Affordable & inexpensive intercoms and packe

We provide the most credible, safe, secure, and affordable service to our clients who wish to relocate to any area of UAE. Likewise, we make it easy for them to be moved and packed in remote locations such as Ruwais, Kalba, Jebel Ali, Hatta or Gayati. A call to our help desk will delight you with the fact that we are cheaper than others and offer everything for regular customers at affordable rates.Excellent customer service and price combined in UAEWe pride ourselves on providing you with family-oriented home moving services in UAE with a proven track record in customer satisfaction. Our commitment to a pleasant and friendly customer service allows us to build relationships of trust with valued customers and lasting relationships. Plus, choosing a professional moving company is an important decision that our support team makes easy. You choose which area or city you want to move into your new home, and we'll provide staff who will treat your belongings with due care. Alhelal Movers and packers is what you can trust for quality UAE moving service

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Quality office packing and moving services
Our delivery staff is knowledgeable to deliver your office supplies to any location in UAE and beyond. We will deliver your office supplies in a convenient and orderly manner along the best routes to avoid traffic jams and obstacles. Rather than relying on traditional old fashioned procedures, Alhelal Movers and packers are well prepared to use responsible and modern office moving methods so that none of your belongings are lost by accident.
Don't risk doing it yourself
Our packaging is convenient and reliable to protect your fragile items, from glass to electronics. Efficient disassembly of office chairs, tables and sofas is done with the proper tools and professional equipment. The furniture is reassembled when the vehicle arrives at a new location. Our team pack your heavy items and tools and wrap them in proper wrapping materials. They group similar items together securely before loading them into a truck. The use of power tools for dismantling is our experience and our tradition.
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Call our support team today and get a full and fast quote on your successful office moving projects. We'll help you expand your office and make the office of your dreams more fun by delivering your business with peace of mind. whether you are moving from Ruwais, Kalba, Jebel Ali, Hatta or Gayati, Alhelal Movers and packers satisfactorily offers furniture moving and packing services for you to avoid wasting money on expensive services and to deliver Your things in perfect condition during the relocation. Moving

Alhelal Movers and packers: office move made easy

There are a lot of things to consider before opening a new office in UAE or opening a new branch and moving important things to a new location. Calculating your budget is essential, but in order to seamlessly move your furniture, electronics, gadgets, network routers and switches, cables, furniture and technology into your new office space, a service like Alhelal Movers and packers ensures that your current budget not only covers all costs, but also ensures the safe delivery of your goods to your new office. Therefore, you need a credible and reliable office relocation service like Alhelal Movers and packers, a brand known for their safest office relocation in town. And it will not affect your budget.
Main features of office moving services
An office is not a garage, an office move is the most difficult moving activity in a big, hectic city, and it requires tremendous care and safety. Alhelal Movers and packers has professional and experienced staff who know your need to plan your office move step by step. This is why Alhelal shippers and packers provide a unique set of services that are rarely found in your city. We make moving your office easy by moving your equipment, network devices and furniture from scratch. The one call stop service offers honest and dedicated movers and packers in Dubai who will come to your office. Stay relaxed while we perform same day office moving, packing and unloading services.  Damage-free handling so that office workers can reach your new location safely in the best possible way. Secure and store all your office gadgets, furniture, cars, and files in cases and boxes for safety during transport. Timely delivery of things to the new office by minibuses and trucks.